World for Ukraine


What is World for Ukraine Organization?

World for Ukraine Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization formed in California, United States that provides platform for individuals or causes that need humanitarian attention in the wake of the war in the Ukraine, which has affected millions of people. Its pledge is to ensure that the raised funds reach the actual victims of the crisis, regardless of the religious belief or political affiliation.

How does it work?

It works at a grass-root level to validate and ensure that the funds raised are directed to the intended individuals or causes for which it has been raised. Our local agents in Ukraine engage directly with the individuals, families and organization in need of assistance.

What are the different forms of assistance that are provided by the organization?
The forms of assistance include provision of clothing, health services, medicines, medical and dental service, nutrition, rehabilitation and special needs of children and adults which were directly affected by the war action.
Organization is actively looking to establish local meals and clothing centers which will also offer mobile delivery services to the individuals unable to commute to the center.
Organization is in constant direct communication with schools, hospitals, orphanages and those organizations requiring financial or tangible assistance.

Who are the beneficiaries of World for Ukraine Inc. fund?

Any individual or family affected by the war. The organization does not discriminate based on origin, race, sex, color or religious belief or political affiliation of an individual or families.

How does my contribution reach to the needy?

Each request for assistance is carefully evaluated and consideration is given based on the urgency of each situation. No cash benefits are paid directly to the requesting party. All costs are paid directly to the approved partner facility which provides services.
Can I get in touch with the people or organization supported by the World for Ukraine Inc. organization?
Yes, definitely!
Is assistance available only to people in Ukraine?

Yes. The fund provides assistance to residents of Ukraine.

Can I select a specific cause to which I contribute funds?
Absolutely! Please visit the Donate to a Cause menu and select cause from the available choices.
Who determines how donated funds get distributed between different causes?

Unless the donating party selects a specific cause it wishes to donate to, raised funds get distributed between different causes based on the urgency or demand.
Is World for Ukraine Inc. affiliated with any Government or Political Party?

No. World for Ukraine Inc. is not affiliated, sponsored or funded by any of the Government or Political Party. World for Ukraine was established with only one goal and one mission in mind: TO BENEFIT THE VICTIMS OF WAR ACTIONS!!!

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Is my on-Line contribution secure?

Yes. Your contribution is safe, secure and private, and helps support the issues and causes you care about most. All your information is encrypted and transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. We use the latest encryption technology to keep your information safe. We guarantee that each purchase you make is protected and safe. We do not store credit card information online.